Claus Havemann  


Malevich – Mondrian and Josef Albers cultivated the strongest human form which exists the SQUARE.

They liberated the form from nature and minimised the painting to pure concrete form.

When man left the caves and created societies, grew the land and built houses the square appeared as the most efficient form. It still is despite technology which makes it possible to build practically all organic forms. We use the square from match boxes to skyscrapers, doors and windows, the ground plan of the pyramids as well as in a vast number of everyday designs.

The square is such a big part of everyday life that we have to be made aware of its existence to see it – it is like not being able to see the wood for the trees.

The human feature about the square is that it is ours, we have created the square! IT DOES NOT EXIST IN NATURE. The earth and the sun are round, the crystals are multi-edged, but the four edges are an expression of human brain activity and therefore the most radical form we know.

What I express in my latest paintings are the extremities and harmony between nature and man in one and the same canvas.


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